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  Etching is a “printing” process. However, it is not an off-set, photographic, lithographic, digitalized, nor in any way, mechanical process. Everything is done by hand, and, by the hand of the artist (me).

  Technically, etching is a form of intaglio printing-- a process where a drawing is first done on a zinc plate and then immersed in an acid bath where the acid actually cuts or etches a line. The plate is given many acid baths which will yield variations in values and also textures on the finished image.

  There are actually two “arts” to etching: one is to etch the plate itself; and the other is the actual coloring or inking of the plate. Once the plate is etched, the colors are obtained by applying oil-based etching inks directly on the plate in a technique called “a la poupee.” Then, acid-free ragg paper is placed over the inked plate and cranked by hand through a press. The resulting image is the opposite or mirror image of the etched plate. The plate then has to be re-inked and wiped for each successive proof.

  Everything is done by the hand of the artist (me) and, although an etching is a “multiple,” the basic colors are the same and each proof is different in subtle ways. Therefore, each proof is considered an “original.”

  Each etching is signed, titled and numbered as part of an edition. Once an edition is finished, the plate itself, will be signed and sold.



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